TSA Deems Wicked Good Cupcake to be a Security Threat, Confiscates Woman's Dessert

Posted on December 27, 2011

The TSA confiscated a woman's cupcake at the Las Vegas airport, deeming it a security threat. The Red Velvet Cupcake from the Wicked Good Cupcakes bakery was packaged nicely in a glass container (called a Wicked Good to Go), with a description of the cupcake (which sounds delicious). The flier said that the TSA agent deemed it to be a threat because it conformed to the shape of the packaging. She offered to put the cupcake in a baggie, but he took it away from her. The TSA at Boston Logan's airport waived her through, noting that the cupcakes did look delicious. The TSA rules say that cupcakes are allowed on board planes now, and the TSA says it will investigate the cupcake incident. Meanwhile, check out the Wicked Good Cupcakes bakery website. No wonder she didn't want to give it up.

The bakery has now renamed that cupcake the "National (Security) Velvet Cupcake" which is described as: "Traditional southern style red velvet cake with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cream cheese buttercream frosting." The bakery ships the cupcakes in a jar all over the country in adorable gift packaging. Take a look: