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Here you will find our coverage of TV commercials that are funny, interesting or controversial.

Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Return in New Burger King Cheesy Tots Commercial
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro star in a new Burger King commercial for Cheesy Tots. (2016-12-03)

Ariana Grande Gets Left Behind for Maps in T-Mobile Commercial
Ariana Grande gets left behind for maps in a new T-Mobile commerical. The driver did not have enough data to keep Ariana. (2016-10-12)

Kermit and Animal Star in Lipton Tea Commercial
Kermit and Animal star in a Lipton tea commercial called Bea More Tea. (2014-03-01)

Kmart's Joe Boxer Jingle Bells Commercial Has Some Outraged
This Joe Boxer commercial from Kmart has some people calling for boycotts of the store. (2013-11-18)

Taylor Swift Stars in New Diet Coke Commercial
Taylor Swift stars in a new Diet Coke commercial. The commercial features Taylor working on her new song, 22. (2013-04-12)

Multiple Beyonces Dance in Pepsi's Mirrors Commercial
Pepsi has launched its "Mirrors" commercial, featuring Beyonce. (2013-04-04)

Jessica Simpson Reveals 50 Pound Weight Loss in New Weight Watchers Commercial
Jessica Simpson is back in a new Weight Watchers commercial. (2012-12-19)

CALM Act is in Effect Now: Commercials Cannot Be Louder Than Television Programming
This week the CALM Act (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation law) went into effect. (2012-12-15)

Justin Bieber Stars in Macy's Black Friday Commercial
Singer Justin Bieber stars in Macy's Black Friday ad. (2012-11-18)

Daniel Craig Stars in James Bond Themed Heineken Commercial
Daniel Craig and Bond girl Berenice Marlohe star in Heineken's new "Crack the Case" commercial, which features Craig as James Bond. (2012-09-20)

Miranda Kerr Dons Yellow Santa Outfit for Japanese Lipton Ad
Model Miranda Kerr stars in a crazy new Japanese Lipton ad. (2012-08-21)

Siri Helps Zooey Deschanel on a Rainy Day in iPhone 4S Commercial
Zooey Deschanel gets help from Siri in a new iPhone 4S commercial from Apple. (2012-04-18)

T-Mobile's Carly Dons Black Leather Outfit in New Alter Ego Commercial
Carly Foulkes, the T-Mobile girl, reveals an alter ego in the latest T-Mobile commercial. (2012-04-17)

Emmy Rossum Sings in The Fabric of My Life Commercial
Emmy Rossum (Shameless) stars in the latest "The Fabric of My Life" campaign from Cotton Incorporated. (2012-04-10)

Salma Hayek Stars in Burger King Commercial
Actress Salma Hayek stars in a new commercial for Burger King's recently announced new menu items. (2012-04-04)

David Beckham Stars in New Burger King Commercial
Soccer star David Beckham stars in a new commercial for Burger King. (2012-04-04)

FCC Bans Loud Commercials, TV Viewers Rejoice
The Wall Street Journal reports that at long last the days of super loud commercials are over. (2011-12-14)

Food Stylists and Tabletop Directors Help Make Food Look Delicious for Commercials
The New York Times has a fascinating article about how food is made to look delicious in food commericals. (2011-10-17)

George Clooney Gets Married -- Hangover Style -- in a Norwegian Bank Commercial
Now we all know how George Clooney feels about getting married again: it's not going to happen, he says. (2011-09-20)

Video: Russell Brand's New HP Touch Smart Commercials
Russell Brand stars in a new series of commercials for the HP TouchPad. (2011-07-05)