Ty Launches Political Teeny Tys Plush Toys

Posted on August 30, 2016

Political Teeny Tys Republican Elephant Trump-like plush

Ty has launched new plush toys called Political Teeny Tys to commemorate the presidential election. The collection features an elephant and a donkey. The elephant has Trump-like hair and the donkey has long eyelashes. Both of the plush toys have USA themed colors.

Ty Warner says in a statement, "Americans of all ages can make their choice for president in more than one way this election season with our special edition Teeny Tys. We hope these latest additions to the Beanie Babies family will bring laughter and joy to Americans of all political stripes and remind citizens of their duty to vote this fall."

Both star-spangled Teeny Tys include an important reminder for people to vote on November 8th. The toys cost $3.99. They will be available in September for a limited time nationwide.

Political Teeny Tys 2016 Donkey

Photo: Ty