U.S. Postal Service Launches Patriotic Wave Stamps

Posted on February 13, 2015

Patriotic Wave $2 Stamp

The U.S. Postal Service has launched the Patriotic Wave stamps. The stamps feature a wave-like red and blue pattern over a white background. The dollar amount of the stamp is pictured on the bottom right corner in red numbering. USPS says it is "contemporary vibe to the traditional red, white and blue" with the new stamps.

The stamps are available in $1 and $2 amounts. They are meant for use on packages and large envelopes. The $2 stamp was introduced at the Southeastern Stamp Expo in Norcross, GA on January 30, 2015. The $1 stamp was issued on January 12.

The stamps were designed by designer Michael Dyer of Brooklyn, NY and art director Antonio Alcalá of Alexandria, VA. The Patriotic Wave stamps can be purchased here form the USPS online store.

U.S. Postal Service Atlanta District Manager Anne Berger said in a statement, "This unique design is sure to lend a patriotic appearance to large mailings. And that's fitting, since the Postal Service's stamp program has - for more than 150 years - focused attention on the events, ideals and people that make this nation great. And at a time when more Americans are sending and receiving packages, we're confident these stamps are going to come in handy."

Photo: USPS