Urban Outfitters Pulls Shampoo for Suicidal Hair From Store Shelves

Posted on May 2, 2016

Peachy Head shampoo

Urban Outfitters is wisely pulling a shampoo from its store shelves that is described as "peach shampoo for suicidal hair." It is sold in an orange bottle with yellow, white and black writing. The brand of the shampoo is Anatomicals.

Using suicidal to describe a product is a bad enough idea. Mashable explains that the usage here is even worse because the product's name Peachy Head is a pun on Beachy Head, which is reportedly a known for being a suicide spot in the U.K.

The product description says, "I never knew my once beautiful hair would actually commit suicide by tossing itself off dramatic white cliffs to the rocks below."

It is meant to be humorous but many people find jokes pertaining to suicide to be in bad taste. Anatomicals, a UK-based beauty brand, defended its use of suicidal hair and connected it with having a bad hair day. Bad hair days are funny but involve suicide and you are going to upset some people and that is what happened here as a Twitter storm was ignited.

Anatomicals told The Huffington Post, "We are naturally concerned if any of our bath and body items cause offence as this is never our intention. However, we are an irreverent, fun brand with a sense of humour - something the world is often lacking in. This product is so obviously a tongue in cheek reference to hair and refers only to hair. Every day of every year, millions of people have a 'bad hair' day. They may feel like putting on a hat or even in extreme cases, chopping it off and going for a sleek bob. Never do they feel like killing themselves, although they may feel like killing their hairdresser."

Photo: Anatomicals