Video: Adam Lambert Lets it Rip at the AMAs

Posted on November 22, 2009

Adam Lambert closed out the American Music Awards tonight and let's just say he didn't play it safe. He sang his new single "For Your Entertainment" from his new album. The theme of the number was very sexual in nature. The dancers were all in black bondage gear. Adam dragged a woman across the stage, then held the reins of two leather clad male dancers who were crawling across the floor. A dancer gave Adam a simulated blow job and Adam mimed a threesome. But wait, there's more! He grabbed then caressed a female dancer's crotch (that seemed to go on for quite a while) and he french kissed another dancer (on first viewing we couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman).

We love Adam, but something was wrong with the sound mix. It was hard to hear his voice over the music. Luckily he didn't fall even though he did do a stunt on a catwalk where he rolled around a bit (Jennifer Lopez wasn't so lucky, but that's another story). So, is ABC going to get fined for this one? Take a look:

Update: On second thought, maybe Adam did fall at around the 1:30 mark. If he did fall, he turned it into a dance move very smoothly. And it looks like the keyboardist he kissed was a guy. Maybe. Or maybe not. In any event, there's no way ABC was told about that beforehand.

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