Video: Behind the Scenes of Gerard Butler's L'Oreal Commercial

Posted on January 4, 2011

Here's a behind the scenes look at the making of Gerard Butler's new L'Oreal ad. Gerry is the face for L'Oreal's new men's moisturizer. The ad was filmed in Brooklyn, New York, in the fall. In the ad, Gerry plays an actor in a James Bond type film. He boxes, he plays rugby, he drives fast cars, plays high-stakes poker, sings in a rock band and gets enthusiastically kissed by a model. And through it all, his skin looks fantastic like, the best it's ever looked. Seriously.

He's so funny -- at one point he tells the camera crew that he won every poker hand because "you can't beat Mr. L'Oreal." So who is this mythical man with the flawless skin? "I think he's like the ultimate dude you want to be. He's an action star. He's fun. He's good with women, plays poker, does all those things. Very much lives life to the fullest," says the 300 star. Take a look: