Video: Boot Fashions in Davos, Switzerland

Posted on January 27, 2011

Choosing the right boot is crucial for attendees at the Davos World Economic Forum. WSJ's Andy Jordan spent a morning studying boot choice and analyzing walking patterns at Davos to find out how people traverse the slippery terrain, and yet remain appropriately attired for such a high-profile events.

The array of footwear was quite broad, from casual to rugged to ridiculous. Andy found one man who was wearing Uggs. When he tried to question the man, he didn't speak English (or he just didn't want to be interviewed by The Wall Street Journal about his footwear choices.) Sanjay Gupta's (female) producer wore sky high stiletto heels, but she said she does change into flats later on (presumably after she goes outside into the snow). One man wore cleats on his shoes to keep from wiping out on the snowy streets (which would be very uncool). The younger participants seemed to go for Moon Boots. The world leader types wore business suits with rugged hiking style boots in a dark color. Take a look: