Video: Eric Ripert Vlogs About Top Chef All-Stars, Offers to Teach Jamie How to Cook Fish

Posted on January 14, 2011

In this video posted by Bravo, last season's judge Eric Ripert, chef of New York's top seafood restaurant Le Bernardin, recaps last night's All-Stars episode. Eric was disturbed by Jamie Lauren's continual weakness in her cooking (weren't we all?).

He actually offered to train her to cook fish at Le Bernadin, which is an amazing and very generous offer. Fans will remember that Jamie ruined one of Eric's dishes for a challenge during her season. Jamie didn't like the original dish, big surprise. In the video Eric discusses the infamous bluefish and how it must be prepared. A bluefish dish sent Tiffany home. Eric noted that Carla knew what to do with the bluefish. And on a personal note: we don't think we're ever going to try bluefish unless Chef Ripert is preparing it himself. Take a look: