Video: Exotic Hats at Royal Ascot

Posted on June 20, 2011

The Telegraph's Bryony Gordon donned an elaborate hat which was decorated with picnic items and headed off to Ladies' Day at the 300th Royal Ascot. Bryony took a look at some of the many exotic hats worn by the ladies at Ascot. She also got some tips for hat wearing, such as putting elastic under the hat to keep it from toppling it over.

Milliner Tracy Rose showed off her hat which featured a staircase which goes up to a doorway with the number 300 on it. Hat designer Ilda DiVico said you must tilt your hat to the right (alas, Bryony failed in this regard). Bryony's hat featured a full tea service, with a teapot and a berry tart which made one young man quite hungry. Take a look: Take a look: