Video: Haitian Ambassador Slams Pat Roberton's Pact With the Devil Comments

Posted on January 14, 2010

The Haitian Ambassador to the U.S., Raymond Joseph, is furious over Pat Robertson's remarks that Haiti had made a pact with Satan and that's why their country is cursed. Before Rachel Maddow could get even one question in, the Ambassador asked to address Robertson's remarks. He noted that the Haitian slave revolt led to the Louisiana Purchase, which allowed the U.S. to buy what is now 16 states for only $15 million -- a few cents an acre. The indignant ambassador noted that the so-called Devil's Pact ultimately benefited the United States, as well other countries. Rachel scrambled to reassure the ambassador that Robertson's opinion is his own, not shared by most Americans. And the Robertson-Ambassador Joseph feud is on. Take a look: