Video: Hoda Kotb Has a Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

Posted on September 1, 2010

Hoda Kotb says that her stylist at The Today Show blow dries her hair every morning before the show and that it takes forever. After seeing Kathie Lee's hair after doing a special keratin treatment, Hoda took the plunge and agreed to videotape the results.

The Brazilian Keratin hair treatment smooths and straightens hair that is dry and overprocessed. It also relaxes waves and curls. It is supposed to last for three to four months. Hoda's hair looks lovely after the treatment and she said that after exercising, her hair looked just as good. Of course, they all gave poor Hoda lots of grief for showing her hair in its before phase. Honestly, we can't believe she has a blowout every morning. No wonder her hair was so dry. The process takes several hours. Take a look: