Video: Jason Sudeikis Tries to Explain the Plot of Twilight to Jason Bateman

Posted on June 2, 2011

Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon did a live chat on MTV and a Twitter question came in. The question was: "Can the two Jasons top the Bella and Edward kiss from Eclipse?" A puzzled Bateman asked "What is that?"

This promoted Sudeikis to try to explain the plot of Twilight to Bateman. According to Sudeikis: "Bella is the character that Kristen Stewart plays; Edward is this real handsome vampire kid played by Robert Pattinson, or, as I like to call him, Rob. And they smooch and it's up for an award." Bateman still looked blank, and so Sudeikis turned to a Star Wars metaphor to explain.

"It's like in Star Wars, when you were like will Leia pick Han Solo or Luke and then George Lucas was all 'No, Luke's her brother!' ...This was back in like Little House on the Prairie days."

Then his explanation about Taylor Lautner's role in the movie got a little raunchy.

They talked about their favorite movies and a time they each embarrassed themselves in front of a celebrity. Bateman said he once got wasted and sat down at Dave Grohl's booth to tell him they have the same birthday. It took 45 minutes. Take a look: