Video: Johnny Weir Responds to Critics Who Say He's Too Gay for Figure Skating

Posted on March 3, 2010

Johnny Weir talked to Joy Behar about all the criticism he's received for being flamboyant in life and on the ice. He also responds to criticism that he's "too gay for figure skating." Then Joy shows him a clip of Isaac Mizrahi's shocked reaction to Johnny parading around in a black thong/undergarment. Isaac exclaims that "now that's a little too gay." We think the clip was from Johnny's reality show: he must have been trying on a costume or something.

Johnny said that you never hear that someone's "too butch for figure skating." Then, just to make sure the interview wasn't lacking for a good soundbite, he informed Joy that he thinks Jesus Christ was a woman (this is after Joy noted that Elton John thinks Jesus was gay). Take a look: