Video: Katy Perry Makes Play to Steal Karl Lagerfeld Away From Lily Allen

Posted on October 8, 2009

Katy Perry has just upped the ante in the ongoing war between her and Lily Allen. The two singers absolutely loathe each other ever since Katy described her self in an interview as "thinner than Lily Allen, fatter than Amy Winehouse." Lily fired back by mocking Katy for not writing her own songs.

The feud picked up again when Lily (who is starring in ads for Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel) performed at the Paris Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 show. Lily refused to perform if she could see Katy Perry in the audience. The Chanel people did not want to offend Katy Perry and so seated her somewhere that Lily couldn't see her (some said she was banned, but Katy said she saw the show). Given that background, this video of Katy Perry interviewing Karl Lagerfeld for Elle magazine is absolutely jam-packed with drama (and unintentional hilarity).

Karl had never met Katy before but was happy to chat with her. During the chat she asked him what song describes him most and he (clearly having no idea of the ongoing feud) answered that it's the Lily Allen song "It's Not Me, It's You." "Of course" replies Katy through clenched teeth. She then went on to says she'd love to wear the dress with leather ornamentation that looks like metal to the EMAs (European Movie Awards) -- if that was possible. He replied that it was more than possible. She said she'd have to live on lattes and tic-tacs to fit into it, to which Karl pooh-poohed her and said she couldn't possibly be more than a size 2! Lily Allen will be absolutely livid when she hears about this.

Will Katy Perry manage to steal Karl's affections from Lily Allen? Take a look: