Video: Kristen Bell, Betty White, Odette Yustman and Sigourney Weaver's Tense Interview

Posted on August 26, 2010

The cast of You Again (Kristen Bell, Betty White, Sigourney Weaver, Odette Yustman) sit down for an interview with Funny or Die and it turns ugly, quickly. It's a really funny bit. We especially like the part where Sigourney Weaver starts listing all her hit movies after they start debating who is the biggest star. Sigourney's list of hit films is so long that she just goes on and on and on. And, of course, she can't resist reminding everyone that she was in the HUGE box office hit, Avatar, which drives Kristen crazy. Betty White, as usual, is hilarious.

If the movie is half as funny as this bit it should be a big hit. Take a look: