Video: Lynda Carter Takes Megan Fox to Task for Dissing Wonder Woman

Posted on November 12, 2010

Lynda Carter (who played Wonder Woman in the classic tv series) was a guest on Fox and Friends and discusses the new Wonder Woman reboot that David Kelly is producing for television. Rumors say that Lynda will be playing Wonder Woman's mother in the new show, but she just says "she doesn't know" when asked if it were true.

When host Brian Kilmeade (who sounds seriously deranged in this clip by yammering on about how there are no women criminals) said that he thought Megan Fox would be great as Wonder Woman, Lynda said she read an interview in which Megan dissed Wonder Woman calling her superpowers "lame." Lynda said she likes Megan, but she shouldn't be dissing Wonder Woman. Take a look: