Video: Man Down Starring Rihanna

Posted on June 2, 2011

Cover art for Rihanna's Man Down

Here is Rihanna's controversial new video for her single "Man Down." The video was shot in Jamaica and explores the themes of violence against women and revenge. Rihanna's character is a young woman who is happy and carefree. She meets a guy at a club, but pushes him away when he gets too handsy. He follows her home and rapes her in an alley. Her character runs home, gets a gun and shoots him dead in Central Station.

Some parents' groups want the video pulled, but we're with Rihanna with this one. It's a serious video that explores serious themes. It's not a revenge fantasy, it's an exploration of what a young woman does after being brutally violated. The lyrics indicate she has regret afterwards and knows that she is now a criminal as well. Rihanna says she has the right to make art, and we agree. Take a look:

Photo: Island Def Jam