Meet Kosik, the Talking Elephant

Posted on October 11, 2010

Scientists are traveling to South Korea to visit Kosik, the talking elephant. Kosik can vocalize seven words in Korean and his keeper, Kim-Jong Kap Kosik's trainer at Everland Theme Park in South Korea, says his pronunciation has improved quite a bit since 2006 when he first spoke. Other elephants have imitated sounds and other elephants, but Kosik is believed to be the first elephant to vocalize human speech. Kosik can now pronounce 7 words in Korean, like "hi" and "good."

Dr. Daniel Mietchen, a biological scientist from the University of Jena in Germany, has come to South Korea with other researchers from the university to study Kosik. They posit that Kosik may prove that elephants can learn language, although they doubt he understands the meaning of the words he says. Take a look: