Video: Naomi Campbell Testifies in Blood Diamond Trial

Posted on August 5, 2010

Model Naomi Campbell testified at the war crimes trial for former Liberian leader Charles Taylor at the Hague. Naomi said that in 1997, during a trip to South Africa to visit Nelson Mandela, she was awakened in the middle of the night when by two men who knocking on her door. The men handed her a bag full of "dirty stones" which they said were a gift. The did not say who the gift was from. The next morning Mia Farrow told her they were probably rough diamonds. Naomi testified that she gave the stones away to Jeremy Ratcliffe of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund.

Naomi said she didn't know they were diamonds because she's used to seeing them in stores after they've been cut and set. She also said she didn't want to testify because she feared for the lives of her family after reading about Taylor on the Internet.

We have no idea why the prosecution called Naomi as a witness. She didn't help their case at all. She said the men never said the stones were a gift from Charles Taylor and she doesn't have the stones now, so it's impossible to prove they are blood diamonds. It's all quite odd.

In any event, she looked fabulous in a cream-colored Azzedine Alaia dress and cardigan. She wore a silver necklace said to ward off the evil eye. Naomi was in full diva mode, with a sleek beehive wig. She was late to the proceedings. When the judge asked her why she was late, she replied "I'm always late." Take a look: