Video: Natalie Portman Talks About the Grueling Training Regimen for Black Swan

Posted on December 2, 2010

Natalie Portman appeared on Good Morning America with George Stephanopolis about hre role in Black Swan. Natalie heard about the project ten years ago. Natalie talks about her training for the role -- she worked out 5-8 hours a day for a year before the film.

Natalie also shared her fury at a New York Times Review of The Nutcracker in which the reviewer said the ballerinas looked too fat. Natalie says it's ' outrageous that a reviewer should say such a thing about a trained athlete. She says ballerinas are asked to do amazing physical feats while starving themselves.

Natlie also sat down for an interview with Fandom Entertainment and HitFix about Black Swan. Take a look: