Video: Stevie Nicks Talks New Album In Your Dreams

Posted on May 7, 2011

Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams

It's been ten years since Stevie Nicks has released a solo album: her last record was 2001's Trouble In Shangri-La.

Stevie said she got some very bad advice from her managers and business advisors who told her that the music business was changing and that internet piracy was at its height in 2005. It was, but Stevie finally said she doesn't care about that, she felt like a making a record. Her new album is In Your Dreams. Stevie is pictured with a white horse on the album cover.

In Your Dreams includes the song "Moonlight - A Vampire's Dream" which was inspired by the Twilight: New Moon. Another song on the album, "Annabel Lee," features lyrics adapted from Edgar Allan Poe. Stevie wrote the lyrics for all the songs on her new album. She has a co-writer on oly one song, "Everybody Loves You," which she wrote with Dave Stewart.

Stevie looks and sounds fabulous. Take a look:

Photo: Reprise Records