Video: Tim Gunn Jokes He's in Witness Protection Because of Anna Wintour's Fury at Him

Posted on September 7, 2010

Tim Gunn was a guest on Regis and Kelly this morning to talk about his new book, Tim Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work. In the book, he recounts the time he saw Anna Wintour have her bodyguards carry her down five flights of stairs so she wouldn't have to walk. That anecdote leaked to the press earlier this year and Anna was furious. She had her director of communications call Tim to demand an apology for implying that "Anna didn't know how to work a Manolo." Tim said he never meant to imply "she didn't know how to work a Manolo" but that the incident did happen and that there were many witnesses. He said she is an adult and should take responsibility for her own behavior. But now he jokes that he's in Witness Protection because of Anna's fury. It's pretty funny. Take a look:

Update: The video has been removed.
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