Video: Tom Ford Talks Designing for Gucci, Getting Hate Mail From Yves Saint Laurent

Posted on June 1, 2011

In a very interesting interview with CNN Tom Ford talks about his career at Gucci and YSL, and what it means to have his own name on a collection. Tom says he is lucky enough not to work for money any more: he works for pride. Tom explains why he originally took the job as the designer for Gucci. He never meant to stay there very long, but ended up staying fourteen years.

When the Gucci Group took over Yves Saint Laurent, he also designed the YSL line; he 16 lines a year. He said that at first legendary designer Yves Saint Laurnet was supportive of his work and his collections at Gucci and YSL. But later, although the house was making lots of money, YSL became very critical of Tom's collections. Once, he wrote Tom a blistering letter saying that in 13 minutes on a runway, Tom had destroyed 40 years of a great reputation. Ouch. It's quite interesting (and quite funny) that Tom kept YSL's hate mail -- we're sure any other designer would have burned the letters immediately and never told a soul. Take a look: