Vivid Pink Diamond Sells For Over $10 Million in Hong Kong

Posted on December 1, 2009

Vivid Pink Diamond Auction Christies

Reuters reports that a 5-carat pink diamond sold for $10.8 million at a Christie's auction in Hong Kong. The stone is flanked on either side by a shield-shaped diamond and mounted in platinum and 18k rose gold ring by Graff Diamonds.
The stone, of a "vivid pink" hue and considered near perfect, but not quite flawless, triggered brisk bidding in Christie's autumn sales of Asian and Chinese art in Hong Kong.

The price smashed the previous record, set 15 years ago in Geneva for a 19.66-carat stone that sold for $7.4 million. The pink gem's per-carat price of $2.2 million was also the highest ever paid for any diamond at auction, Christie's said.

"No stone has ever been sold for $2 million a carat, we were used to ... a million dollars a carat for colored diamonds but never 2 million," said Francois Curiel, Christie's Europe chairman. "This is an absolute record that is not going to be broken for a while I believe."
The Gemological Institute of America stated earlier this year that the 5.00 carat diamond is "fancy vivid pink, natural colour, VS1 clarity; with a working diagram indicating that the clarity is potentially flawless." You can see Christie's auction listing for the valuable diamond here.