Wegmans Tops Survey of Favorite Grocery Store Chains

Posted on April 14, 2016

Market Force Grocery Chain Composite Loyalty Index for 2016

Wegmans has topped a survey of favorite national grocery chains conducted by Market Force International. Market Force surveyed 10,000 consumers in the study. Wegmans was followed by Publix and Trader Joe's. Wal-Mart ranked at the very bottom of the survey. Other low-ranked stores included Giant Food, Stop & Shop and Safeway.

Wegmans has stores in six states with plans to expand in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Trader Joe's topped the survey last year and the three years before last. This is the first time in four years it did not take the top spot in the Market Force survey. Trader Joe's had a score this year of 73%, which is down 5% from its 2015 score. Wegmans had a score of 76% and Publix had a score of 75%.

The score - called the Composite Loyalty Index - is a composite of store attributes that consumers were queried about. Trader Joe's and Publix blew away the competition when it came to Cashier Courtesy. In Store Cleanliness it was Publix and Webmans in the lead. For the ability to Find Items Wanted the top store was Publix followed by Wegmans. In the Item Availability attritube it was Publix and Wegmans on top again. Checkout Speed was topped by Publix with ALDI and Wegmans taking second and third. In the Specialty Dept Service category it was Publix that took the lead.

You can find more information about the survey here on marketforce.com.

Image: Market Force Information