Westfield Sydney Mall Builds Lego Christmas Tree for the Holidays

Posted on December 6, 2014

The Westfield Sydney shopping mall in Sydney, Australia built a Lego Christmas tree for the holidays. The tree stands 9 meters tall (about 30 feet) and is built entirely from Lego bricks.

The Westfield Sydney mall holds a special lightning ceremony for the tree every night. A video shared on Instagram indicates that the official Lego Movie theme song, "Everything is Awesome," plays during the tree lightning ceremony. The tree has quickly become a draw for tourists. Sophia Grace and Rosie from The Ellen Show have already visited the Lego tree and sang "Jingle Bells."

The giant Lego Christmas tree was built with the help of Lego certified professional Ryan McNaught. McNaught is from Australia. A Lego Club member was selected to help design a special item for the Lego tree. The tree is decorated with candy canes and ball ornaments. The set also includes a life-sized Santa and sleigh. There is a Lego star atop the tree.

Lego shared this time-lapse video of the construction process. It shows the job required many workers and several laptops. The different parts of the display were built on large tables. You can also see that the Lego Christmas display also includes a cute koala bear wearing a Santa outfit. Take a look: