Wiley Launches Coding for Dummies Book

Posted on March 1, 2015

Coding for Dummies

Wiley has announced the launch of its Coding for Dummies book. The book is written by Nikhil Abraham. It teaches the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby and Python. It also contains online exercises from Codecademy.

Abraham says in a statement, "Coding is everywhere – running apps on our phones, powering our favorite websites, and popping up in conversations at school and at work. Coding For Dummies makes coding accessible by explaining the big picture and walking you through projects that you code right in your browser. I love seeing what people create and share once they start coding.

As the title suggests this is indeed a coding book for beginners. Wiley says the book is aimed at people with little to no coding experience. The book is available for purchase here on Amazon.com.

Photo: Wiley

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