Women Facing Jail For Punishing Cheating Husband

Posted on August 4, 2009

Calumet County, Wisconsin authorities are determined to prosecute four women who punished a cheating husband. The cheater's wife found out about two mistresses and informed them that the cheater had a wife and children. Furious, the two girlfriends (and of of the girlfriends' sisters) joined the wife in a scheme in which a girlfriend lured him to a hotel room, then blindfolded him under the pretense of giving a massage. The women taunted him and then superglued his private parts to his leg.

He did not suffer any long-term injuries and there was no evidence of any firearm or weapon involved. He was unglued at a local hospital. The women can be facing up to six years in jail for false imprisonment. But will a jury convict them? Take a look:

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