Zuta Pocket Printer is a Mobile Robotic Printer

Posted on April 12, 2014

Zuta pocket printer

The Zuta Pocket Printer is a mobile robotic printer. The tiny robot printer prints out your documents line by line as its moves across a blank page. The printer connects to devices using Bluetooth. The printer is listed here on Kickstarter where it has already raised most of its $400,000 goal. Zuta says the printer will come in black and white versions. The printer has a diameter of 11.5 centimeters and is made from polycarbonate. It weighs 300 grams. The device holds one black ink cartridge, which the company says is a standard HP cartridge that can be replaced. It currently prints in a 96x192 dpi. The company says the final product will have a higher resolution. Take a look:

Photo: Zuta