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Welcome to the Home Deals section on Shoppers Shop! Here you will find the latest deals on furniture, home decor, cleaning products and more.

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  • Pre-Prime Day Deals at Woot: Woot has a collection of Pre-Prime Day Deals. The sale includes deals on a variety of products including tents, shorts, water bottles, kitchen knives, jewelry, sheets and more. - posted July 9, 2024

  • Bed & Bath Sale and Clearance at Macy's: Find the latest bed and bath sale and clearance deals at Macy's. Find deals on blankets, towels, comforters, pillows and more. - posted August 20, 2022

  • Limited Time Sale at Nordstrom: Find the latest discounts from Nordstrom through their limited-time sale. The sale features deals on designer clothing, shoes and accessories. - posted August 8, 2022

  • Home Decor Deals at Urban Outfitters: Find the latest home decor at Urban Outfitters. You can find deals on wall hangings, side tables, comforters, pillows, lighting, planters and more. - posted July 9, 2022

  • Sale and Cleaerance at The Company Store: Find the latest sale and clearance items from The Company Store. The sale includes bedding, sheets, quilts, bath products and more. - posted March 13, 2022

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