April Fool's: Nesquik Launches Broccoli Milk

Posted on April 1, 2013

Nesquik Broccoli Milk

Nesquik announced Broccoli Milk for April Fool's Day. Nesquik made clear this was not a real product. It is probably not a flavor kids are clamoring for. It grossed out many of Nesquik's Facebook fans. Broccoli Milk does not sound very tasty, although broccoli in a cheese sauce can be delicious.

Some of Nesquik's actual flavors include chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and strawberry bananas. There are no vegetable flavored milk products available from Nesquik.

There were a couple other interesting food related April Fool's jokes this year. They include Pizza Tic Tacs and Snickettes.

Photo: Nesquik