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Govee 2024 Prime Day Video

Govee will have multiple lightning deals available on Prime Day at Amazon. Govee makes great app-controlled lighting products., 2024-07-15

Samsung Introduces Galaxy Ring

Samsung has introduced its new Galaxy Ring that provides health tracking data including sleep and heart rate., 2024-07-12

Styled with Moto AI Fashion Ad Video from Motorola

Motorola used AI to create its Styled with Moto ad video. The video shows models wearing different outfits that contain the shape of its batwing logo., 2024-07-02

Jennie from Blackpink Stars in Beats Solo Buds Video

Jennie Kim a star of the Blackpink music group, stars in a new campaign for the Beats Solo BUds., 2024-06-30

Fitbit by Google Becomes Google Fitbit

Google is now referring to its Fitbit line as Google Fitbit instead of Fitbit by Google., 2024-03-18

Amazon Launches Echo Pop Smart Speaker

Amazon has introduced a new version of its Echo smart speakers called Echo Pop. It has Alexa and is available in four color styles including Lavendar., 2023-11-17

Newegg Shares Black Friday Deal Highlights

Newegg will start its Black Friday sale on November 17, 2023 this year. They have revealed highlights of the upcoming deals., 2023-11-14

Amazon Reveals 36 of its Top Deals for Black Friday 2023

Amazon has announced an early November 17 start to its Black Friday sale. They also revealed 36 of the best Black Friday deals that will be available., 2023-11-06

Best Buy to Start Black Friday Sale on November 17, 2023

Best Buy has announced it will begin its Black Friday sale on Friday, November 17, 2023 this year., 2023-10-20

Twelve South AirFly SE is a Wireless Audio Transmitter

The AirFly Pro from Twelve South is a wireless audio transmitter. It can be used with any 3.5 mm audio jack., 2023-10-18

Surface Pro 9 Devices Include a 5G Version

Microsoft's latest 2-in-1 Surface Pro 9 offerings include a 5G version. Prices start at $1,299.99 for the 5G model and $999.99 for the non 5G device., 2023-08-25

SkullCandy Launches Terrain Mini Wireless Speaker

SkullCandy has launched its Terrain Mini Wireless Speaker. The speaker features dual custom passive radiators and a 14 hour battery., 2023-08-11

Hide Power Strips and Corral Cables with the DMoose Cable Management Box

The DMoose Cable Management Box helps you organize your cables, power strips, surge protectors and more. It comes in two sizes., 2023-08-09

Logitech G Launches Aurora Collection

Logitech G has launched its Aurora collection that features a gaming mouse, two gaming keyboards and a gaming headset. The collection was designed to be gender inclusive., 2022-08-02

Over Half the World Owns a Smartphone

A study from 2021 found that just over 50% off the world population have a smartphone. The technology has rapidly been adapted even in poorer nations., 2022-07-26

Bose Launches SoundComm B40 Headset

Bose has launched a new headset called the SoundComm B40 Headset. The headset is designed to improve live event coverage., 2022-07-12

Apple Halts All Product Sales in Russia

Apple has halted all products sales in Russia in response to Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine., 2022-03-01

Apple Launches AirTag Tracking Device

Apple has launched a tracking accessory device called the AirTag. The AirTag works with the iPhone to help the users locate their valuables., 2021-04-20

Razer Developing Smart Mask Through Project Hazel

Razer is developing a smart mask through a concept called Razer Project Hazel., 2021-01-24

Apple Unveils AirPods Max Headphones

Apple has unveiled its AirPods Max headphones., 2020-12-08

Roku Launches Limited-Edition Roku SE Streaming Player for Black Friday

Roku has unveiled the limited-edition Roku SE streaming player for Black Friday. The low-priced streaming device includes a remote, HDMI cable and USB cable., 2020-11-17

Ring Unveils Always Home Cam, Flying Indoor Security Camera

The Ring Always Home Cam is unique in that it contains a drone designed for indoor flight that will help patrol your home and provide live video while you are away from home., 2020-09-25

Apple Launches Apple Watch Series 6

Apple announced the launch of Apple Watch Series 6 last week., 2020-09-21

Apple Launches iPhone SE

Apple has launched the iPhone SE. The smartphone is more affordable than other Apple phones with a $399 starting price tag., 2020-04-15

Loewe's Cool Elephant iPhone Cover Case

Loewe makes an amazing iPhone cover that features the great elephant design from its elephant bags., 2020-04-05

Apple Closing All Stores Outside China Due to Coronavirus

Apple is closing all of its stores outside China due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic until March 27., 2020-03-14

MarsCat is a Robotic Pet Cat from Elephant Robotics

MarsCat is a Robotic Pet Cat from Elephant Robotics. The fully autonomous robot will be making its debut at CES 2020. It is also on Kickstarter., 2020-01-02

Best Buy Reveals 2019 Black Friday Deals

Best Buy has revealed its 2019 Black Friday ad and doorbuster deals on laptops, Apple devices, TVs and more., 2019-11-07

Qoobo is a Robot Pillow with a Tail

Qoobo is a robot pillow with a tail. It was designed to comfort its owners., 2019-10-13

Logitech Wireless Pebble M350 Mouse is Slim and Silent

The Logitech Pebble M350 is a new slim mouse from Logitech with a modern, slim design. It is also wireless and silent., 2019-09-29