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Target Introduces Dealworthy Brand with Low Prices on Everyday Basics

Target has introduced a new brand called Dealworthy. The focus of the brand is low prices on everyday basics., 2024-02-15

SolaWave Solabiome Skincare Products: Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer

SolaWave, best known for its skincare wand, has a line of skincare products out that include Solabiome, which features ingredients derived from mushrooms., 2023-08-25

Dr. Squatch Launches New Star Wars Soap Collection

Dr. Squatch has launched a new Star Wars soap collection inspired by heroes and villains from the latest Star Wars trilogy., 2022-08-21

Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals At-Home Spa Routine with Goop Products

Gwyneth Paltrow demonstrates the use of some of her beauty products. She exfoliates in a white bikini and also applies soaps and lotions in her home spa., 2022-08-01

Kohl's Plans 850 Sephora Shops

Kohl's is adding 400 new Sephora at Kohl's shops in 2022. The total number of stores by 2023 will be 850 according to the retailer's plans., 2022-07-25

Ana de Armas is New Estee Lauder Global Brand Ambassador

Actress Ana de Armas has been named a new global brand ambassador for Estee Lauder. She has already appeared in campaigns for the brand., 2021-04-21

Revlon Launches Wonder Woman 1984 Collection

Revlon has launched a Wonder Woman collection that ties in with the Wonder Woman 1984 film coming to theaters later this year., 2020-09-18

LVMH to Make Hand Sanitizer for France

LVMH will make free hand sanitizer for France to address the nationwide shortage. LVMH will use its perfume and cosmetic factories to make the disinfectant., 2020-03-15

Miu Miu Twist is a Fruity Floral Fragrance

Miu Miu Twist is a new fruity floral fragrance from Miu Mium. Elle Fanning stars in a campaign for the newfragrance. The short film also stars a cute Persian cat., 2019-03-28

AllSaints Launches Unisex Fragrance Collection

AllSaints has launched a unisex fragrance collection with three fragrances - Sunset Riot, Metal Wave and Incense City., 2019-01-05

Actress Shay Mitchell Named Buxom Creative Brand Ambassador

Buxom announced it has named actress Shay Mitchell as a new creative brand ambassador. She has recorded several videos for Buxom., 2018-10-20

Julia Roberts Stars in Lancome La Vie Este Belle Campaign

La View Est Belle is a warm and spicy Oriental fragrance from Lancome., 2018-10-18

Britney Spears Announces Prerogative Fragrance

Britney Spears' latest fragrance is called Prerogative., 2018-10-17

Natallie Portman is the Face of Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge

Natalie Portman is featured in this new Dior campaign., 2018-10-16

Lush Unveils Halloween Bath Bombs and Soaps

Lush Cosmetics has a selection of spooky cleansing products for Halloween., 2018-10-09

Burberry's Her Blossom Fragrance

Actress and model Cara Delevingne is the face of the new Burberry Her fragrance. The campaign was photographed in London., 2018-10-08

Ariana Grande Launches Cloud Fragrance

Ariana Grande has released a new fragrance called Cloud., 2018-10-08

Joy by Dior Fragrance

Joy is a new fragrance from Dior. Jennifer Lawrence stars in the launch campaign for the fragrance., 2018-10-07

New Car Fragrance from Demeter

Demeter has created a fragrance that has the scent of a new car., 2018-10-07

Kylie Jenner Unveils Kylie 2018 Halloween Collection

Kylie Cosmetics recently unveiled a Kylie Cosmetics Halloween collection for 2018 on Instagram, @kyliecosmetics., 2018-10-07

Louis Vuitton Launches Attrape-Reves Fragrance with Emma Stone Campaign

Emma Stone stars in the campaign for new Louis Vuitton fragrance, Attrape-Reves., 2018-10-06

Revlon Announces Fragrance Deal with AllSaints

Revlon has announced a global fragrance license with AllSaints. The companies will develop a fragrance collection for AllSaints., 2018-02-24

Arizona is the First Fragrance From Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler has debuted its first fragrance. The fragrance, Arizona, features a white cactus flower accord., 2018-02-13

Under Armour Launches Misty Copeland Collection

Under Armour has launched a Misty Copeland collection. It features leggings, sports bras and more., 2017-10-27

Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette from Fenty Beauty

The Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette is one of the new items from Rihanna's Fenty Beauty collection, 2017-10-26

Philips Launches Norelco Stormtrooper Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco has launched a spcial edition Star Wars Stormtrooper Electric Shaver. May the force be with you., 2017-10-24

Fragrant Jewels Launches Hello Kitty Bath Bombs with Rings

Fragrant Jewels has launched a line of Hello Kitty bath bombs that contain Hello Kitty rings., 2017-09-03

Pur Cosmetics Launches My Little Pony Movie Eyeshadow and Brush Collection

Pur Cosmetics is launching a My Little Pony: The Movie eyeshadow palette and brush set., 2017-08-08

The Face Shop Launches Marvel Cosmetics Collection

The Face Shop has launched a Marvel cosmetics collection featuring Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Widow and more., 2017-08-01

Demeter Launches Kitten Fur Fragrance

Demeter has channeled the scent of kittens with its new Kitten Fur fragrance., 2017-07-07