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Portable Chess Set from Chess Armory

Chess Armory makes a great portable chess set. It features a magnetic folding board storage box. It, 2023-07-27

Hasbro Unveils New Furby for 25th Anniversary

Hasbro is releasing a new version of its popular Furby toy for 2023. This is the 25th anniversary of Furby. The new Furby will be available in purple and coral., 2023-06-28

New Hot Wheels RC Corvette Ties in With Barbie The Movie

Hot Wheels has launched a new remote control Corvette toy car that resembles the 1956 Corvette Stingray Barbie drives in Barbie The Movie., 2023-06-08

Macy's and Toys R Us Unveil Geoffrey's 2022 Hot Toy List

Macy's and Toys R Us have collaborated on the Geoffrey's Hot Toy List for 2022. Toys R Us shops will open in Macy's stores on October 15., 2022-10-07

Walmart Unveils 2022 Top Toy List

Walmart has unveiled its Top Toy List for 2022. The list includes a Top Toys Under $25 category this year. Some of the toys are exclusive to Walmart., 2022-10-07

Green Army Women Toys Are Ready for Duty

There are now Green Army Women toys so girls also have plastic soldiers to employ into battle. BMC created a set after receiving a girl's letter., 2022-08-17

Build-A-Bear Launches Keegan's Wish Frog

Build-A-Bear Workshop has launched a new frog plush toy called Keegan's Wish Frog. The frog was designed by Keegan, a Make-A-Wish kid., 2022-08-14

Macy's to Add Toys R Us Shops in Every Store

Macy's is adding a Toys R Us branded shop inside every Macy's store. They will range from 1,000 sq ft to 10,000 st feet., 2022-08-04

Hess Launches 2022 Mini Collection with Trucks and Helicopter

Hess has revealed its 2022 Mini Collection. The collection includes a fire truck, toy truck and helicopter. The toys are miniature versions of previous toy vehicles., 2022-07-27

Squishmallows Launches Pokemon Collection

Jazwares revealed a Squishmallows x Pokemon collection at Comic-Con. It will launch this fall and include Pikachu, Gengar, Togepi and Snorlax., 2022-07-23

Grogu Balloon to Appear in 2021 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

There will be a Grogu balloon at the 2021 Macy's Thanskgiving Day Parade. The balloon is part of a Funko toy launch., 2021-11-07

Kohl's Reveals 2021 Holiday Toy List

Kohl's has revealed its 2021 Holiday Toy List, 2021-11-03

Target Unveils 2021 Bullseye's Top Toys List

Target has unveiled the 2021 Bullseye's Top Toy List. This year's list features 22 Target exclusive toys and games., 2021-11-01

Macy's and Toys R Us Launch Geoffrey's 2021 Hot Toy List

Macy's and Toys R Us have collaborated on a holiday toy list this year called Geoffrey's Hot Toy List. The list includes 75 toys., 2021-10-31

Walmart Reveals 2021 Top-Rated by Kids Toy List

Walmart has revealed its 2021 Top-Rated by Kids Toy List. 16 of the toys are sold exclusively at Walmart., 2021-10-31

Buddy the Elf is a Fisher-Price Little People Figure

Fisher-Price has a Little People set for the popular Elf Christmas movie that features a Buddy the Elf figure. The set also includes a Christmas tree and Jovie figure., 2021-10-26

Covid-19 Plush Toy and Plush Vaccine

GiantMicrobes makes a Covid-19 plush toy. The plush toy is red with yellow protein spikes. They also make a plush version of the Covid-19 vaccine., 2021-08-09

Mattel Unveils Matchbox Tesla Roadster

Mattel has unveiled its Matchbox Tesla Roadster die-cast toy car. The car will be released in 2022. The toy serves as a product roadmap for future die-cast cars from Mattel., 2021-08-02

Hope is Breyer Horse of the Year

Hope is the Breyer Horse of the Year for 2021. The horse has colors of purple, turquoise, pink, gold and yellow and helps raise money for the Covenant House., 2021-05-17

Mattel to Develop UNO Live-Action Movie

Mattel is working a movie based on the card game UNO. Mattel Films will produce the film with rapper Lil Yachty., 2021-04-11

Disney to Close At Least 60 U.S. Retail Stores

Disney is planning to close at least 60 of its U.S. retail locations. Many of these stores are located inside malls., 2021-03-24

Hess Toy Truck Launches First Plush Toy Fire Truck

Hess Toy Truck has unveiled its very first plush vehicle called the My First Hess Truck., 2020-10-22

Gotta Go Flamingo Toy Comes With Little Toilet

Gotta Go Flamingo is a toy from Little Live Pets that poops and comes with its own little toilet. The flamingo is named Sherbert., 2020-10-16

Megalodon Storm Monster Jam Vehicle Drives on Water and Land

Megalodon Storm Monster Jam is an RC vehicle that drives on water and land. The top of the vehicle resembles the ancient giant shark., 2020-10-11

Walmart Unveils 2020 Top-Rated by Kids Toy List

Walmart has unveiled its 2020 hot toys list called the Top-Rated by Kids Toy List. The list features over 35 toys organized into six categories., 2020-10-11

The Toy Insider Reveals Hottest Toys of 2020

The Toy Insider has revealed its picks for the hottest toys of 2020., 2020-10-10

Amazon Reveals 2020 Toys We Love List

Amazon has released its annual list of the top 100 toys. The lists is called the Amazon 2020 Toys We Love List., 2020-10-10

Build-A-Bear Launches The Child Plush Toy

Build-A-Bear has launched a line of The Child plush toys and accessories inspired by The Mandalorian series., 2020-08-28

Aibo: Sony's Robotic Puppy

Sony has a robotic puppy companion called Aibo., 2020-08-18

The Child Chia Pet

The beloved Baby Yoda character from The Mandalorian is now available in Chia Pet form. He has his floating crib with him., 2020-08-13