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No Peeps for Halloween or Christmas This Year

There won't be any Peeps marshmallow treats for Halloween or Christmas this year or for Valentine's Day 2021., 2020-09-12

The Spider Donut from Dunkin' Donuts

The Spider Donut is a Halloween donut from Dunkin'., 2020-09-04

Hershey Unveils 2020 Halloween Chocolates

Hershey has unveiled its 2020 Halloween candy., 2020-09-02

Burger King Unveils Social Distancing Crowns

Burger King has unveiled oversized crowns with a large diameter that can help people remember to social distance. The crowns were unveiled by Burger King Germany., 2020-05-30

Bob Ross Happy Little Tree Mints are Tree Shaped

There is a new Bob Ross product out called Happy Little Tree Mints., 2020-02-09

Unicorn Cereal from Kellogg's

Kellogg's has launched its Limited Edition Unicorn Cereal. The colorful multigrain cereal has the taste of cupcakes., 2019-10-06

Godiva Launches Molten Lava Cakes Baking Mix

Godiva has launched a molten lava cakes baking mix. It can be found in the baking aisle at the grocery store., 2019-08-21

Kellogg's to Launch Baby Shark Cereal

Kellogg's has collaborated with Pinkfong to launch a new cereal called Baby Shark Cereal., 2019-08-03

Arby's Launches The Marrot, a Carrot Made with Meat

Arby's is trolling the launch of meatless products with the Marrot, a carrot made with meat. Arby's might eventually sell them fried in its restaurants., 2019-06-29

Kellogg's Launches Peeps Marshmallow Cereal

Kellogg's and Just Born have collaborated on a limited time cereal called Peeps Marshmallow Cereal. It contains O's in Peeps colors and marshmallow pieces., 2019-04-04

HelloFresh Announces The Unicorn Box

HelloFresh has chosen April 1st to introduce its Unicorn Box that contains ingredients for three colorful unicorn-themed recipes., 2019-04-01

Kellogg's Launches Special K Protein Cereal with Ancient Grains

Kellogg's has added a version of its Special K Protein Cereal that features Ancient Grains. It has 15 grams of protein per serving., 2019-01-31

Mac and Cheese Candy Canes for a Cheesy Christmas

We are used to candy canes being sweet., 2018-10-07

Bone Rattler Hot Sauce Comes in a Skull Jar

This hot sauce called Bone Rattler comes in amazing looking skull jar., 2018-10-06

Fishpeople Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky

Fishpeople offers an interesting alternative to beef jerky., 2018-09-28

Lucky Charms Adds Magical Unicorn Marshmallows

Lucky Charms has added magical unicorn marshmallows. They replace the hourglass in the cereal., 2018-02-22

Godiva 2020 Chocolate Advent Calendar

Godiva launches its 2017 Holiday Chocolate Advent Calendar., 2017-11-12

Starbucks Launches Zombie Frappuccino for Halloween

Starbucks has launched a limited edition Zombie Frappuccino beverage for Halloween. It has a pink whip topping., 2017-10-27

Avocado Plush Toy from Squishable

Squishable has created a cute kawaii plush avocado. The face is on the seed., 2017-10-27

Walmart Testing Delivering Groceries Straight to Your Refrigerator

Walmar tis testing a delivery service where groceries are delivered straight to your fridge even if you are not home., 2017-09-22

Walmart Testing Delivering Groceries Straight to Your Refrigerator

Walmar tis testing a delivery service where groceries are delivered straight to your fridge even if you are not home., 2017-09-22

Bag of Bones Cheetos for Halloween

Frito-Lay launched Halloween themed Cheetos in 2014 called Bag of Bones. They are a white cheddar flavor., 2017-09-17

Burger King Launches Lucky Charms Shake

Burger King has launched a Lucky Charms shake inspired by the breakfast cereal., 2017-06-20

Sun Tropics Launches Dairy Free Coconut Rice Pudding

SunTropics has introduced a dairy free coconut rice pudding product., 2017-06-10

Starbucks Testing Coffee Ice Cubes at Select Locations

Starbucks is testing coffee ice at select locations. They also have a coffee ice cube recipe., 2017-05-18

Taco Bell to Launch Naked Chicken Chips on May 11

Taco Bell will launch Naked Chicken Chips this week on May 11. They are served with nacho dipping sauce., 2017-05-08

Starbucks Launches New Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino

Starbucks has introduced a new beverage. It is the Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino., 2017-05-06

Ritz Launches Thin and Crispy Oven Baked Variety

Ritz launches new Thin and Crispy oven baked variety in four flavors: Sea Salt, Cream Cheese & Onion, Bacon and Salt & Vinegar., 2017-05-04

PinkBerry Launches Wonder Woman Flavor in Movie Tie-in

PinkBerry launches Wonder Woman flavor - Power Berry Frozen Yogurt - to tie in with the upcoming summer film release., 2017-05-02

Hostess Launches Chocolate Cake Twinkies

Hostess has launched a new Twinkie offering called Chocolate Cake Twinkies, 2017-05-01