Locker Chandeliers From Locker Lookz

Updated June 15, 2016, originally posted on July 2, 2013

Pink Locker Lookz Locker Chandelier

Locker Lookz makes decor for lockers, including these cool looking locker chandeliers. The locker chandeliers have motion-sensor controlled lightning. They are available in four colors: aqua, pink, black and white. The chandeliers require 3 AAA batteries, which are not included.

Update 7-11-18: The chandeliers are starting to disappear from retailers. They can still found on eBay. They can also be found on

white Locker Lookz Locker Chandelier

Locker Lookz also makes wallpaper and carpets for lockers. They have some great items for making your lockers more fun. It is not 100% clear if they are still making products but they probably are not since the products are getting harder to find.

Here's a video of the Locker Lookz chandelier in action:

Photo: Locker Lookz