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Smoko Launches Narwhal Mugs

Smoko has launched its Narwhal mugs. They ceramic mugs are currently available for pre-order., 2016-06-17

Basketball Mug Contains a Tiny Basketball Hoop and Backboard

The Basketball Mug contains a tiny basketball hoop and backboard. You can shoot marshmallows into your hot chocolate., 2016-06-08

Lekue Launches Microwave Bacon Cooker

Lekue has launched a specially designed tool for cooking bacon in the microwave., 2016-06-07

Freezthat Ice Cube Tray Freezes in Ten Minutes

The Freezthat ice cube tray was designed to freeze in just ten minutes. It is hexagon shaped., 2016-06-02

Molds for Making Cat-Shaped Eggs

There are several products out there for making kitty-shaped eggs. These include fried and hard-boiled eggs., 2016-04-03

Ripple Maker Prints Photos and Words in Coffee

The Ripple Maker is a stand-alone coffee maker that can print photos and words into your coffee., 2016-03-27

Animal Cookie Cutter Puzzle From Lekue

Lekue has launched an animal cookie cutter puzzle. The cookie puzzle contains 15 different cookies., 2016-03-26

KitchenAid Unveils the Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

KitchenAid has unveiled its new Artisan Mini Stand Mixer. It will launch in the U.S. this summer., 2016-03-06

Midnight Scoop Ice Cream Scoop Unveiled at Home + Houseware Show

The Midnight Scoop ice cream scoop was unveiled at the 2016 International Home + Houseware Show., 2016-03-01

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker Makes Evil Waffles

ThinkGeek is carrying a waffle maker that makes Death Star shaped waffles. It costs $39.99, 2016-02-28

Mattel Launches Barbie Spaghetti Chef at the 2016 Toy Fair

Mattel introduced a new career Barbie called Barbie Spaghetti Chef at the 2016 Toy Fair. She comes with a range for making pasta., 2016-02-19

GE Unveils Monogram Pizza Oven

GE has announced the launch of its new Monogram Pizza Oven. The company says it brings brings restaurant-quality cooking capability to the home kitchen., 2016-02-03

Samsung Unveils Family Hub Refrigerator at CES 2016

Samsung unveiled its Family Hub Refrigerator at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. The fridge features a 21.5-inch LCD screen on the right door., 2016-01-21

Cute Soup Ladle Resembles the Loch Ness Monster

Ototo has made a cute soup ladle that looks like a cute version of the Loch Ness monster., 2015-06-20

Avocado Huggers Designed to Keep Second Half of Avocado Fresh

These Faberware Avocado Huggers are designed to keep the second half of your avocado fresh., 2015-03-26

KitchenAid Unveils Magnetic Drive Blender Called The Torrent

KtichenAid has launched a new magnetic drive blender called The Torrent., 2015-03-21

Cucumbo Slicer Turns Cucumbers and Zucchini Into Spirals

The Cucumbo Spiral Slicer turns your cucumbers and zucchini into nice spiral shapes., 2015-03-07

KitchenAid Launches Four Quart Multi-Cooker and Stir Tower

KitchenAid has announced the launch of a four quart Multi-Cooker with 10 different functions., 2015-03-03

Make Toast With Your Face on it With the Selfie Toaster

The Selfie Toaster enables you to make toast with your image on it., 2015-02-10

Grillbot is a Grill Cleaning Robot

The Grillbot is a grill cleaning robot. Consumer Reports reviewed the robot and compares it to brushes., 2014-05-17