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Covid-19 Plush Toy and Plush Vaccine

GiantMicrobes makes a Covid-19 plush toy. The plush toy is red with yellow protein spikes. They also make a plush version of the Covid-19 vaccine., 2021-08-09

Razer Developing Smart Mask Through Project Hazel

Razer is developing a smart mask through a concept called Razer Project Hazel., 2021-01-24

Monster Bandages from Welly

Welly offers a collection of Monster Bravery Bandages to cover kids' boo-boos., 2020-09-22

Crayola Launches Reusable Cloth Face Masks

Crayola has launched reusable cloth face masks., 2020-09-20

Apple Closing Stores Again as Covid-19 Cases Spike in Several U.S. States

Apple is once again closing stores because of the coronavirus. There are 11 stores reclosing in four hard hit states., 2020-06-19

Relax Your Feet With Yoga Toes

We're wearing our new set of Yoga Toes right now, and our feet are very, very happy., 2020-05-31

Disney Unveils Star Wars Cloth Face Masks

Disney has unveiled a new collection of Star Wars face masks. The masks are available in several different sizes., 2020-05-05

Walmart to Reduce Traffic in Stores for Coronavirus, Make Aisles One-Way

Walmart will implement new social distancing measures in its stores including reducing the amount of customers allowed in the store at a time and making aisles one-way., 2020-04-03

Dollar General Says First Hour of Each Day for Senior Shoppers

Dollar General says the first hour of each day at each stores will be for senior shoppers due to the coronavirus pandemic., 2020-03-16

LVMH to Make Hand Sanitizer for France

LVMH will make free hand sanitizer for France to address the nationwide shortage. LVMH will use its perfume and cosmetic factories to make the disinfectant., 2020-03-15

New York State is Making Hand Sanitizer

New York State is now making its own hand sanitizer to combat price gouging. The product is called NYC Clean., 2020-03-09

Amabrush Automatic Toothbrush Promises to Clean Your Teeth in Ten Seconds

Amabrush is a new automatic toothbrush on Kickstarter designed to clean your teeth in ten seconds., 2017-07-15

Nautilus Launches Bowflex HVT Machine

Nautilus has launched new Bowflex home workout equipment called the HTV Machine, 2017-05-18

Fitbit Launches Alta HR Wristband

Fitbit has introduced its latest activity tracker, the Alta HR. The wristband provides continuous heart rate monitoring., 2017-03-09

Wearable TempTraq Bluetooth Body Temperature Patch Unveiled at CES 2017

TempTraq unveiled a wearable Bluetooth patch for monitoring body temperature at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show., 2017-01-06

Garmin Announces Vivofit Jr. Activity Tracker

Garmin has announced a new activity tracker aimed at children. It has a one year battery life., 2016-10-27

Lea Michele Talks Diet and Fitness with Shape Magazine

Lea Michele covers the November 2016 issue of Shape magazine. She mentions SoulCycle and hot yoga as two of her exercise routines., 2016-10-21

Bacon Bandages Resemble Strips of Bacon

Cover your wounds with these bacon bandages that resemble strips of bacon., 2016-08-26

Walgreens to Close and Online Stores

Walgreens plans to close its and online stores in September., 2016-08-01

Selfie Elbow is a New Medical Condition

A new medical condition called Selfie Elbow could impact many social media enthusiasts., 2016-07-05

Papa John's Removes High Fructose Corn Syrup From Entire Menu

Papa John's has removed high fructose corn syrup from its entire food menu. This includes all prizza ingredients, toppings, sauces and dessert items., 2016-05-14

Ashley Greene Talks Intense Workouts With Shape Magazine

Ashley Greene talks to Shape about her intense workouts and her diet of chicken, fish and veggies., 2016-03-12

Withings Unveils Withings Go Activity and Sleep Tracker at 2016 CES

Withings unveiled its Withings Go activity and sleep tracker at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. It will retail for $69.95., 2016-03-02

Fitbit Unveils Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Fitbit has unveiled its new Fitbit Alta fitness tracker wearable wristband. Alta will be available starting this March for $129.95., 2016-02-03

Rachel Bilson is the New Face of ChapStick

Rachel Bilson has been named the new face of ChapStick. She will appear in a campaign for the Pfizer brand., 2016-01-16

CVS to Acquire Target's Pharmacy Business

CVS is acquiriing Target's pharmacy business and will be running the pharmacy stores inside Target stores., 2015-06-15

Betsey Johnson Collaborates With Kleenex for Tissue Boxes

Betsey Johnson has collaborated with Kleenex for a line of tissue boxes. The collection includes a Kiss Me styled box with a lip print., 2015-02-26

Soleil Moon Frye Loses 23 Pounds on Nutrisystem

Soleil Moon Frye loses 23 pounds on Nutrisystem. She is also a brand ambassador for Nutrisystem., 2015-02-14

NordicTrack Unveils Treadmill Desk at CES 2015

NordicTrack unveield its new desk tradmill at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show. The treadmill costs $1,799., 2015-01-10

Generic Drug Makers Under Fire From Congress Over Skyrocketing Prices

Generic drug manufacturers have been ordered by a Congressional Committee to explain huge drug price increases or face more regulation. It's about time., 2014-10-09