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Video: CNN Investigates Hidden Cameras in Airbnbs

Hidden cameras at Airbnb locations make using the service a potential major security and privacy issue for guests., 2024-07-11

Diane Von Furstenberg Talks New Documentary, Traveling Lightly

Diane von Furstenberg has a new Disney+ documentary about her that is coming soon to Disney+. She also gave advice about traveling lightly., 2024-06-24

Walmart Announces Walmart+ Week

Walmart has announced Walmart+ Week. It will run from June 17 through June 23 with deals and offers for Walmart+ members., 2024-06-11

Carnival Cruise Line Announces Covid Policy Adjustments

Carnival Cruise Line has announced an adjustment to its Covid policy. Carnival's Brand Ambassador John Heald explains some of the changes., 2022-08-01

Apple Launches AirTag Tracking Device

Apple has launched a tracking accessory device called the AirTag. The AirTag works with the iPhone to help the users locate their valuables., 2021-04-20

Blue Bear Family Ice Pack Set

Monkey Business makes cute ice packs in the shape of bears and fish. They are BPA-free and use a non toxic fluid., 2020-04-22

Video: Kylie Minogue Invites Brits to Australia in Matesong Campaign

Kylie Minogue invited UK residents to visit Australia in an entertaining musical campaign called Matesong., 2019-12-28

Lenny and Zoe Kravitz Star in Tumi Campaign

Lenny Kravitz and his daughter Zoe star together in a new Tumi campaign. The campaign was filmed in the Bahamas., 2019-04-05

Leatherback Gear Launches Backpack That Converts Into Bulletproof Vest

Leatherback Gear has launched a backpack that converts to a protective vest with 2 soft armor panels., 2018-02-11

Travelambo Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet for Less Bulky Pockets

Travelambo's minimalist wallet won't add too much bulk to your pocket. It is one of the most popular wallets on Amazon., 2018-01-28

Blackout Hooded Travel Neck Pillow from Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk makes a neck pillow for traveling that also has its own hood., 2017-06-03

Guardians of the Galaxy Breakout Ride Launches at Disney California Adventure Park

Disney California Adventure Park has added a new Guardians of the Galaxy ride called Mission: Berakout, 2017-06-03

Glass-Bottom Pool on 40th Floor of Houston Apartment Complex Offers Breathtaking View

This glass-bottom pool is located 500 feet above the ground on the 40th floor of Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas., 2017-04-11

Taco Bell to Offer Weddings at Las Vegas Restaurant

Taco Bell plans to open a wedding chapel at its Las Vegas location. The weddings will begin this summer., 2017-02-18

Panasonic Unveils HOSPI Hotel and Airport Autonomous Delivery Robot

Panasonic has unveiled its hotel and airport autonomous delivery robot named HOSPI(R)., 2017-01-19

2017 Times Square New Year's Eve Ball and 17 Numerals Unveiled

The Times Square Alliance has unveiled the New Year's Eve Ball in Times Square., 2016-12-28

Slide at Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi Features Giant Snake Heads

Miral has unveiled a new brand identity for its Yas Island destination. It includes a beach, cycling, waterworld, racing circuit and more., 2016-10-27

Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort Offers SpongeBob Themed Pineapple Shaped Villa

The Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic has a villa shaped like a pineapple you can stay in., 2016-09-22

Ghost Ship Harbor Attraction on the USS Salem

There is a Ghost Ship attraction available for Halloween on the USS Salem in Quincy, Mass., 2016-09-13

JetBlue Makes First Commercial Flight From U.S. to Cuba in Decades

JetBlue has started its service to Cuba and made the first commercial flight from the U.S. to Cuba in decades., 2016-08-31

Bottled Water is Top Purchase at Airports

Bottled water is the top purchase at Airport convenience stands according to Hudson Group., 2016-08-22

Belkin Opens First Retail Store at LAX Airport

Belkin has opened its first retail store. The location is the LAX Airport in newly renovated Terminal 6., 2016-08-20

Westfield World Trade Center Mall Opens in Manhattan

The Westfield World Trade Center Mall has opened in Manhattan., 2016-08-17

Pentahotels Adds Rooms Designed to Appeal to Gamers

Pentahotels has added rooms designed to appeal to gamers. They are called the PentaPlayerPad., 2016-08-15

TSA Says Mummified Heads Allowed as Carry-on Items

It is okay to bring a mummified head on flights as a carry-on as long as its properly packaged, labeled and declared., 2016-07-27

Dwayne Johnson Says One Bag is All You Need for Traveling

Dwayne Johnson's travel advice is to just carry one bag on your travels. In Johnson's case it is one enormous bag., 2016-07-06

Reese Witherspoon Buys a Giant Beach Ball

Reese Witherspoon recently purchased a giant beach ball for her Bahamas vacation., 2016-06-30

Airmule and Grabr Help Air Travelers Monetize Unused Luggage Space

New apps let users sell unused luggage space as they take commercial flights. The apps include Airmule and Grabr., 2016-06-27

Shanghai Disney Store Adds New Clock Tower

There is a new clock tower in place at the Shanghai Disney Store Plaza. It is 60 feet tall., 2016-06-25

Lay-n-Go's Bags Convert Into Activity Mats

Lay-n-Go offers a collection of bags and backpacks that convert into activity mats or flat mats for displaying your bag's contents., 2016-06-24