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Kylie Minogue Invites Brits to Australia in Matesong Campaign

Kylie Minogue invited UK residents to visit Australia in an entertaining musical campaign called Matesong., 2019-12-28

Lenny and Zoe Kravitz Star in Tumi Campaign

Lenny Kravitz and his daughter Zoe star together in a new Tumi campaign. The campaign was filmed in the Bahamas., 2019-04-05

Leatherback Gear Launches Backpack That Converts Into Bulletproof Vest

Leatherback Gear has launched a backpack that converts to a protective vest with 2 soft armor panels., 2018-02-11

Travelambo Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet for Less Bulky Pockets

Travelambo's minimalist wallet won't add too much bulk to your pocket. It is one of the most popular wallets on Amazon., 2018-01-28

Blackout Hooded Travel Neck Pillow from Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk makes a neck pillow for traveling that also has its own hood., 2017-06-03

Taco Bell to Offer Weddings at Las Vegas Restaurant

Taco Bell plans to open a wedding chapel at its Las Vegas location. The weddings will begin this summer., 2017-02-18

Lay-n-Go's Bags Convert Into Activity Mats

Lay-n-Go offers a collection of bags and backpacks that convert into activity mats or flat mats for displaying your bag's contents., 2016-06-24

TraxPack Luggage Designed to Easily Roll Up Stairs

TraxPack luggage was designed to easily roll up stairs and traverse them like a tank., 2016-06-22

Google Photos Adds Smart Albums Feature

Google Photos has added a smart albums feature that automatically makes albums for users after a trip or an event., 2016-04-07

Neit Offers Collapsible Hardcase Luggage

Neit offers collapsible hardcase luggage. The luggage collapses and can be hung on a hanger like your clothes., 2016-03-27

Hershey's Chocolate World Opens in Las Vegas

Hershey's has opened a flagship store at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas called Hershey's Chocolate World, 2014-06-04

Barbie Has Worked for American Airlines and Pan Am as Flight Attendant and Pilot

Flight Attendant Barbie has worked for both American Airlines and Pan Am. There have been multiple versions of this career doll. She has also been a pilot., 2013-06-14

Ostrich Pillow Was Designed to Make it Possible to Power Nap Anywhere

The Ostrich Pillow is an odd looking pillow that makes the wear resemble the Elephant Man., 2012-10-13

The Floh Combines Scooter With Backpack

The Floh is a combination scooter and backpack., 2012-04-17

Cool Gear Launches Go Gear Carry-on Approved Travel Bottles

Cool Gear International has launched its first travel product, Go Gear, which is a lin eof airline carry-on approved liquid travel containers., 2011-10-03

Swiss Advance Makes Portable Salt and Pepper Shaker

Swiss Advance has made a portable salt and pepper shaker billed as the "best salt and pepper shaker in the world., 2010-04-18

The Fantastic, Unbreakable Combat Umbrella

This amazing Unbreakable Combat Umbrella can be used as a self-defense weapon. Watch it slice a watermelon., 2008-07-22

Nokia Launches Fashion Phones in Different Shapes and Styles

Nokia has decided that cellphones are just too boring for the true fashionista., 2005-10-20