Airmule and Grabr Help Air Travelers Monetize Unused Luggage Space

Posted on June 27, 2016

Two new apps let air travelers monetize their unused luggage space. To make money users agree to carry items for third parties.

Forbes reports on the two mobile apps called Airmule and Grabr. These apps are hoping to become the next Uber or Airbnb. Both apps require travelers to verify themselves. Travelers are also ranked for integrity.

Airmule lets travelers list their upcoming travels. Senders - people with something to ship - send inquiries to the traveler with their item details. Once senders find a traveler they hand of the item and can then track their package until it reaches its final destination.

Grabr works by having people list an item they want. Travelers will then make offers to deliver the item. Grabr users then choose the best offer and meet the traveler (in a public place) when they arrive to receive their item. Grabr says it is good for items not sold where you live, unique cultural items and items that are too expensive to ship.

These apps are likely not like something the TSA will be thrilled about but it shouldn't be a problem for general merchandise, like shoes, which are mentioned in screenshots from both apps. People who use air travel to commute for work might find the apps useful to make some extra cash. It would be very unwise in our current climate to agree to transport something if you didn't know what it was. It would also be wise for travelers using the apps to be very familiar with the TSA's prohibited item guidelines.

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