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Black Friday falls on Friday, November 27th in 2020. Black Friday is going to be very different this year with the ongoing threat of the coronavirus. Some models are forecasting cases to spike this fall.

Black Friday sales in physical stores will obviously be different due to crowd limitations. It is hard to imagine a Black Friday sale like in previous years with packed stores and long queues of people close together. Limiting the number of people allowed inside a store at a time and mask wearing helps reduce the spread of covid-19 but it will also make Black Friday shopping take much, much longer for people waiting outside the store.

This means retailers will likely be offering more deals online for the holidays this year. They will also be offering them earlier than last year.

2020 Black Friday Rumors

There are rumors that Amazon will start Black Friday deals as early as October 26 according to a story from Business Insider. If that happens other retailers will likely offer early deals to compete. Business Insider also says Amazon's Prime Day sale is still expected to happen with early October as a rumored date.

Note: No dates for Black Friday or Prime Day have yet been confirmed by Amazon.

Black Friday is still months away but you can always find the latest deals at Shoppers Shop. You can keep up with the latest deals on our Hot Deals page. Be sure to also follow us on Twitter, @blackfriday, where we tweet the hot deals every day!

We are also still expecting Prime Day 2020 to happen before Black Friday.

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