BabyBjorn Launches the Watercolor Collection

Posted on March 28, 2016

BabyBjorn Baby Watercolor Collection

BabyBjorn has announced its new Watercolor Collection. The Swedish family-owned company announces the new collection with spring just around the corner. The company says the collection was inspired by playfulness and ingenuity of children.

The limited edition line include the Baby Carrier One, Bouncer Balance Soft and Travel Crib Light in five colors. The products are made from cotton and mesh fabrics. The colors include Coral Crab, Little Gray Seal, Great Blue, Ice-Blue Fish and Turquoise Turtle. The collection will be available through September 2016.

BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light watercolor collection

Karin Hoxter, Art Director at BabyBjorn, says in the announcement, "We know that children are naturally curious, and we can all take inspiration from their creativity and imagination in our everyday lives. Anything is possible in children's play; an orange dot is a crab and a dab of paint is a blue fish. Our Watercolor Collection celebrates children's creativity and encourages everyone, children and grown-ups alike, to paint their own imaginary world."

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