Batman Batarang Products: Letter Opener and Money Clip

Posted on June 19, 2016

There are a couple cool Batman batarang products available. They include a batarang letter opener and a batarang money clip. We can hear Lego Batman saying "first try" as these objects are thrown across the room.

The Batman Money Clip is shaped like Batman's batarang. It is die-cast and sheathed in a matte black rubber coating. It has a magnetized grip to hold your cash. You probably don't want to throw this around if you have money in the clip.

The money clip can be found on

The Batarang Letter Opener is made from a lightweight metal. It is 7-inches long and weighs 22 oz. The officially licensed Batman accessory is made by Icon Hereoes. Here's an unboxing video from Game Loot:

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