Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten Makes Pureed Squash and Onion Marmalade on Toast

Posted on November 13, 2012

Mark Bittman gets a lesson from Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten in making a popular dish served at his restaurant, ABC Kitchen: Pureed Squash and Onion Marmalade on Toast.

Chef Vongerichten takes ripe squash and cut wedges. He then removes the skin. He tosses with salt, oil and chili flakes. He then roasts the squash at around 450 degrees for about half an hour. While the squash is roasting, he carmelizes two onions and deglazes with maple syrup and cider vinegar. After about half an hour, he ends up with an onion marmalade.

He then cuts bread and sautees the slices in olive oil. He mixes two parts of the squash (whih he has roughly pureed) with one part onion marmalade. He spreads the toast with fresh ricotta and the squash/onion mixture. He adds roughly chopped fresh mint and serves. He says you could also use goat cheese, feta or mascarpone. It looks delicious. Take a look:

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