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Skull Scissors for Creepy Crafting

The Skull Scissors form a skull when they are closed., 2018-10-06

Elmer's Launches Glow in the Dark Glue

Elmer's has launched a line of glue that glows in the dark. It comes in three colors., 2018-03-01

Hobby Lobby to Return Smuggled Ancient Iraq Artifacts and Pay $3 Million Fine

Hobby Lobby smuggled in thousands of artifacts from Iraq. They will forfiet the items and pay a $3 million fine., 2017-07-06

Henry Googly Eye Planter from Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has introduced a line of google eyed planters called Henry., 2017-07-01

Bob Ross Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

The Boss Ross Funko Pop vinyl will ship in September. Ross carries a paint brush palette., 2017-06-15

Marvel Cosmic Cube: Make Your Own

This glow-in-the-dark Cosmic Cube will coincide with the release of Secret Empire #6, 2017-06-14

Nickelodeon Slime Kits from Cra-Z-Art

Cra-Z-Art has kits out that will help you make Nickelodeon's famous slime., 2017-04-29

Minted Launches Pop-up Store in San Francisco

Minted has launched its first pop-up store in San Francisco. The store features the work of independent artists and designers., 2016-05-20

Duck Brand Announces 2016 Stuck at Prom Duct Tape Contest

Duck brand has announced its 2016 Stuck at Prom contest to make prom outfits using its duct tape. This is the 16th annual contest., 2016-04-14

Molds for Making Cat-Shaped Eggs

There are several products out there for making kitty-shaped eggs. These include fried and hard-boiled eggs., 2016-04-03

Maya Toys Uses Decorated Car to Introduce Pom Pom Wow Line

Maya Toys used a decorated car covered in 15,000 pom-poms to introduce its Pom Pom Wow line at the 2016 Toy Fair., 2016-02-16

First Season of Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting is on YouTube

The first season of Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting is on YouTube. The entertaining painting series ran for 31 seasons on PBS., 2015-11-01

Jennifer Garner to Launch Children's Craft Line at Jo-Ann

Jennifer Garner is launching a children's line of creative kits and projects for kids at Jo-Ann., 2015-06-01

Jewelry Television Seeks Jewelry Designers for National Competition

Jewelry Television (JTV) is seeking jewelry designers for its national competition., 2015-03-30

Duck Brand Duct Tape and Fiskars Partner for New Scissors

Duck Brand Duct Tape and Fiskars have partnered for a new scissors designed to cut duct tape., 2014-06-22

How to Draw Olaf From Disney's Frozen

This video shows you how to draw Olaf from Disney's hit movie, Frozen., 2014-05-17

Michaels Launches Online Store Featuring Project Ideas

Michaels has launched its online store which features project ideas and one-click shopping lists., 2014-05-12

How to Fold Napkins to Resemble Christmas Trees

This video shows you how to fold napkins so they resemble Christmas trees., 2013-12-19

Mini Christmas Stocking Decorations

Mini stockings are a fun way to decorate for Christmas. You can hang them on your tree or use them for decorations around the house., 2013-11-19

How to Make a Sharknado Costume for Halloween

Here is a video about how to make a Sharknado costume., 2013-10-08

April Fool's: Sharpie Launches Cheeseburger Limited Edition Collection

Sharpie announced that launch of the Sharpie Cheesburger limited edition collection earlier today, April 1st., 2013-04-01

Tori Spelling to Host Reality Competition Show Called Craft Wars

Tori Spelling has been named as the host of new reality series called Craft Wars. The series is from TLC., 2012-03-30

Mark Montano Returns With Another Big Ass Book of Crafts

Mark Montano is the author of two big ass books of crafts., 2011-10-15

Martha Stewart Carves Pumpkins on Today Show and With Bette Midler

Martha Stewart shared some pumpkin carving tips on the Today Show., 2011-10-12

Shauna Richardson Working on Giant Crochet Lion Sculptures

Artist Shauna Richardson's makes some amazing crochet animal sculptures., 2010-10-15

Duck Tape Launches Hot Rod Duct Tape

Duck Tape has launched a Hot Rod style of duck tape., 2010-09-13

Kesha Wears Black Trash Bag Dress to 2010 MTV VMAs

Kesha went the do-it-yourself route for her short 2010 VMAs dress., 2010-09-12

Tiny Cardboard Box People in Singapore

Singapore-based artist Anton Tang makes adorable box-like robot people and places them in interesting scenes., 2010-08-27

Domino's Halloween Pizza Slice Costume

Your child could be a slice of Domino's pizza for Halloween using save pizza boxes or iron-on transfer paper., 2009-10-20

Rosie O'Donnell Explains Munny Dolls on Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart, Rosie O'Donnell and radio hosts Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt customized mini Munny dolls on the Martha Stewart show., 2009-04-21