GameStop Buying and Selling iPads, iPods, iPhones at Over 1,000 Stores

Posted on March 2, 2012

Gamestop announced it is now selling refurbished Apple iPad, iPod and iPhone devices in over 1,000 stores as well as on its website. Gamestop says it also offers up to $400 in in-store credit and cash for the devices. Customers can receive up to $400 for iPad, $300 for an iPhone and up to $180 for an iPod Touch.

The above values were as of the initial writing in 2012. You can find the latest values on the GameStop Trade Values section. Games can also be traded in and GameStop is known for selling used games at prices much lower than new games.

Joe Gorman, VP of GameStop's mobile business unit, says, "We will continue to expand as we build inventory through customer trade-ins. With the frequent upgrade cycles, we enable consumers to stretch their dollar and get their hands on new technology."

As of March 2021, GameStop is offering store credit for most trade-in items. The site says they may offer cash on select items. You can trade in items like current-gen games, hardware, consoles, controllers, headsets, and phones.

A story in Forbes last year quoted a GameStop team member that said 2/3 of GameStop customers don't understand what trade-in means. If you are a regular GameStop shopper and you h ave finished using a video game or console it makes sense to try a trade-in for store credit on a future purchase.

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