Barnana to Launch Gorilla Milk at Natural Products Expo West

Posted on March 3, 2016

Gorilla Milk from Barnana

Barnana has announced plans to launch Gorilla Milk on March 12th at the Natural Products Expo West. The company says it is nutritionally dense milk from Western Lowland Gorillas. The milk is also described as Fair Trade, eco-friendly and grass-fed.

Barnana says the milk will benefit efforts to save and repopulate the wild habitat of the gorilla. They also say it is the first Gorilla Milk to be mass marketed.

Barnana CEO Caue Suplicy says in a statement, "After spending time with Western Lowland Gorillas in Africa, seeing their wild habitat being destroyed and after having the privilege to milk one myself - I am excited to bring mother gorillas' milk to market for human consumption and save the lives of gorillas and their wild habitat."

The company says it will explain how to milk a gorilla - which does not sound easy - on March 12th. This is not officially an April Fool's item but it should be.

Photo: Barnana