Isaac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne: Spring 2009

Posted on April 4, 2009

Isaac Mizrahi became creative director for Liz Claiborne New York last year and he debuted a new line for the brand last week that is targeted at everyday women. The new line already has great buzz after the debut runway show at Macy's.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Liz Claiborne's ads for the new clothing feature of mix of models and non-models. Mizrahi says clothes aren't the only things that will help everyday women look fabulous. He says hair and shoes are also important.

Mizrahi says, "I think the most important thing are hair and shoes. I think you should spend too much money on a haircut and the right hair color because once you have that it just sets everything off. It makes you feel like you have to live up to it."

Rachel Dodes, reporting for the Wall Street Journal, says over 300 consumers showed up at the Liz Claiborne department on Macy's third floor to glimpse the new line. WWD put the crowd at 500. Take a look:

The ads for Isaac Mizrahi's Spring collection how models and regular people wearing pieces from the collection in an urban setting. Isaac is injecting quite a bit of his personality into the Liz Claiborne brand, which is really injecting life and fun into the brand. We love both the concept and the clothes.

Here's Isaac talking about his new collection.

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