Kelly Osbourne Discovers the Joys of Spray Tanning

Posted on April 2, 2010

Kelly Osbourne has always hated spray tans -- until she was forced to get one for Dancing With the Stars. Apparently, it's a requirement so you don't look so washed out under the studio lights.

Kelly used St Tropez and eventually fell in love with the spray tan look. Now Kelly is an ambassador for the Prince's Trust and is the new face of St Tropez's Self Esteem campaign which aims to help with body images of young women.

In a behind the scenes video, Kelly talks about her conversion from pale to tan, and her work for the Prince's Trust.

Kelly said in a statement, "Dancing With The Stars and having my first ever St. Tropez spray tan was a huge confidence booster for me – it helped me to get fit and allowed me to look and feel beautiful from the outside, in. More over it also helped me to see that I can achieve anything I put my mind to, which was a huge accomplishment for me – I’ve never really been able to finish something I've started, and to do so feels amazing."

You can see the campaign on the Daily Mail.

There was later a backlash to the campaign from a group called PinkStinks because it promised to also make you look slimmer.

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